Cinema 4D Live at NAB

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Check out for a live broadcast of the demos at the Maxon booth during NAB.

Here’s what’s up for Monday, April 7th… NOTICE THE KRAKATOA DEMO!!!!!

9:30am Learn To Animate The Easy Way with Nick Campbell – Greyscalegorilla
10:30am Creating Complex Animations with X-particles with Casey Hupke
11:30am Breakdown of Emmy-award winning World War 2 from Space with Hazel Baird
12:30pm Camera Mapping for Game of Thrones with Josiah Taylor
1:30pm Breakdowns and Pipelines for South Park and God of War with Jeremy Cox
2:30pm X-Particle Playground: Basics to Advanced Techniques with Rob Garrott
3:30pm Nontraditional 3D Aquisitions and Workflow for Groundbreaking Music Vids with Ghost Town Media
4:29pm Particle Effects with MoGraph / Creating Flexible Textures for Packaging with Athanasios Pozantzis
5:30pm Intro to Krakatoa for CINEMA 4D with Borislav “Bobo” Petrov – Thinkbox

UVWLaser (19 euro+VAT)

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UVWLaser is a Cinema 4D plugin that creates a black white mask image sequence based on a raytracing operation over a polygon

The plugin’s working principle is very simple:

1) Place a UVWLaser object in the scene
This object is a ray caster that emits a ray between two points and draw it with a spline

2) Configure its properties and set which object is the ray collider

3) Animate your scene

4) Press Bake Map button and set the bake options

The plugin will generate a black white image sequence based on the ray tracing over polygon UVW Map

You can set a lot of parameters like the brush size, brush pressure and opacity, the size of the images, the time interval to bake etc. etc.
With the black white image sequence you can enjoy yourself doing a lot of interesting animation
For example animating a pen that writes on paper will be a breeze, you won’t need to use any complicated 2D video editor to generate the map and waste a lot of time to sincronize the movement of the pencil with the map.
For more information watch the video demo, it contains some examples of rig and use.

The plugin works with all editions of Cinema 4D R13/14/15 (Prime, Broadcast, Visualize, Studio) and with all cinema 4D compatible engine renderers (V-Ray etc).


Pixel Lab 500+ Materials Pack ($50)

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The textures are organized into the following categories: Alpha Overlays, Everyday Color, Fabric/Leather, Glass/Transparent/Ice, Luminance, Metal, Misc., Paper/Cardboard, Patterns/Tiles, Rubber/Plastic, Stone/Concrete/Dirt and Wood. It’s a .lib4d file so you can load these textures into your Cinema 4D Content Browser and easily access them at any time.

Here’s a sample of the luminance textures.



Fold It Plugin [19 euro]

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The plugin’s working principle is very simple:

1) Imagine you want to fold a paper sheet
2) Take a polygonal sheet and place it on the plane XZ
3) With the knife tool or other modeling tools engrave the sheet in such a way as to obtain the polygon’s edges in correspondence of the folds of the paper
4) select the edges to fold and the polygonal area that you have to fold
5) call the Add Fold tool, an arrow indicating the direction of the fold will be created
6) set the proper size of the arrow and arrange it according to the desired orientation for folding sheet
7) repeat this process for all the folds you want to obtain
8) according to the priority of folding adjust the fold object hierarchy
9) select the polygonal sheet and call the make joint command, the arrows will be made invisible for any future changes and in their place a joint skeleton will be generated already rigged and weighed ready to be animated using the appropriate controller created by default


Royalty Free HDRI Maps and Textures

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This site has a nice batch of freebies.


C4D Paint (FREE Plugin)

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M4D Mental Ray / Iray update 1.3.0

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new iray features:
-Speedups due to 3.11 support
-Team Render single frame support
-Team Render animation support
-new caustic sampler for fast caustic effects
-new architectural sampler
-”Use all GPUs” setting to simplify settings
-Tile mapping improvements
-Overwrite Material
-Gamma/LWF fixes
-new Preset system (extendable by user)
-can use std material, iray material and mia material to define sky map
-LPE support (Beauty, Reflection, Indirect Illumination… even Custom Light Paths)
-Better Progress Bar support
-Presets for Rendersettings
-Presets for Photographic exposure
-Environment rotation fixed
-Update Preview on Rendersettings changes
-GPU settings can be set in m4d Preferences of each TR or NET clientnew mental ray features:
-Team Render single frame support
-Team Render animation support

-new NET support for R14
-Light Tag improvements
-Overwrite Material
-Presets for MiaMaterial

Chamfer Maker for R15

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Revision 2 (r2) adds support for live edge selection from a correction deformer that is put under the modified object.



Cinebench R15 now available

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MAXON Computer, leading developer of 3D software solutions for motion graphics, visual effects, 3D painting, animation and rendering, announces the immediate availability of CINEBENCH Release 15. CINEBENCH is a cross-platform testing suite that measures hardware performance and is the de facto standard benchmarking tool for leading companies and trade journals for conducting real-world hardware performance tests. With the new Release 15, systems with up to 256 threads can be tested. CINEBENCH is available for both Windows and OS X and is used by almost all hardware manufacturers and trade journals for comparing CPUs and graphics cards.

CINEBENCH is based on MAXON’s award-winning 3D software, CINEMA 4D, which is used in production studios worldwide for the creation of 3D effects in blockbusters such as Iron Man 3, Oblivion, Life of Pi or Prometheus. Contrary to artificial benchmarks that only perform abstract tests on specific functions, CINEBENCH measures system performance based on actual production processes in CINEMA 4D. The test consists of two modules, that evaluate CPU and graphics card performance separately.

Main processor performance (CPU)
CINEBENCH test procedures include a comprehensive test of the main processor’s performance by rendering a photo-realistic 3D scene. This scene, with approx. 280,000 polygons, uses various algorithms and all available cores. The test result is displayed in points.

Graphics card performance (OpenGL)

This test uses a car chase consisting of complex 3d scenes to ascertain the graphics card’s OpenGL render performance. This scene contains a large amount of geometry (approx. 1 million polygons), high-res textures and numerous effects. The result is displayed in frames per second.

System requirements
The CPU benchmark requires a minimum of 1 GB RAM and supports processors with a minimum clock frequency of 1 GHz (see list).
The OpenGL benchmark supports graphics cards with 512 MB RAM and higher and OpenGL 2.1. CINEBENCH independently ascertains whether or not all required functions are supported by the graphics card to correctly display the scene.

Additional technical information is available at the CINEBENCH technical page.

CINEBENCH has been comprehensively developed further to take full advantage of the performance of state-of-the-art hardware. CPU and OpenGL test results for CINEBENCH R15 can therefore not be compared to the results of previous versions! The algorithm used to calculate render results was fundamentally re-written and now delivers results in a different and clearly recognizable value range.

CINEBENCH is available immediately as a free download at the MAXON website.

Maxon Announces Availability of Cinema 4D R15

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Industry-Defining 3D Creative Toolset for Motion Graphics, Animation, Visual Effects and Visualization Workflows Highlighted at IBC2013

MAXON today announced immediate availability of CINEMA 4D Release 15 (R15), a milestone release of its flagship 3D motion graphics, visual effects, painting, and rendering software application. Marked by new features and powerful 3D workflow enhancements to modeling, text creation, digital sculpting, advanced rendering optimization — including all-new network rendering capabilities — Release 15 expresses the company’s commitment to deliver its customer community with continued innovation and the most advanced 3D creative solutions in the industry.

Ideally suited to broadcast motion graphics and visual effects artists, game developers, architects and designers seeking exceptional stability and performance, CINEMA 4D Release 15 offers spectacular image quality, unmatched integration with leading 2D compositing applications, and a straightforward, efficient and flexible interface to handle the complexities of today’s cross-collaboration production environments. CINEMA 4D Release 15 Info

MAXON will internationally debut CINEMA 4D Release 15 next week at IBC2013, the premier annual conference and exhibition for professionals engaged in the creation, management and delivery of entertainment and news content taking place September 13-17 at the Amsterdam RAI. The MAXON Booth/Stand at IBC will be located in Hall 6, # 6.C19.  [Editors’ Note: Additional details on MAXON at IBC2013]

David Lewandowski, director and animation artist (Oblivion, Tron: Legacy, Tiny Tortures, Going to the Store) states, “Release 15 is an exciting update for users of every skill level. The all-new Team Render and Bevel alone make this a must-have upgrade for me.

Pricing, Availability and Upgrade Path
CINEMA 4D Release 15 is available through MAXON and its authorized dealers. Customers with an active MAXON Service Agreement (MSA) valid through September 3, 2013, will receive an automatic upgrade. Release 15 is available for both Mac OS X and Windows. Recommended System Requirements.

CINEMA 4D is an award-winning, 3D motion graphics toolkit acclaimed for its seamless connectivity to popular 2D motion graphics and compositing tools. Individual artists and design teams around the world rely on the professional 3D software package, as the first choice to create high-end 3D images and animations for film, television/broadcast, architecture, games, multimedia, design and engineering.

Recent high profile entertainment projects that have used CINEMA 4D for spectacular animation and visual effects sequences include a range of feature films including Pacific Rim, Iron Man 3, Oblivion, the hit game series Halo 4; the multi Emmy-award winning TV series’, Boardwalk Empire and Grimm; and countless broadcast campaigns, title sequences, music videos and television commercials for leading national and international brands.

Acclaimed as the most pipeline-friendly professional 3D package for the motion graphics market, today’s most widely recognized broadcast and television industry entities rely on CINEMA 4D including NBC, FOX, The Weather Channel, MTV, Comedy Central, NFL, National Geographic Channel, BBC, Swiss TV, ITV, Sky TV, Al Jazeera, and many others.